Guest Blog: Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies by T.M. Göttl

Back when The Tempeh(st) first went vegan (and long before I even thought about it), I wanted to challenge myself to make something that she could actually eat!

Years before, when my mom ran out of eggs while baking, she looked up egg substitutes, and discovered that bananas make an amazing egg substitute in cookies.  I ended up veganizing the chocolate chip cookie recipe that we’d been using in our house for years, and I learned that vegan baking—and adapting your favorite baked goods—is often easier than you think.  (Note:  Vegan doesn’t always mean health food—you’re still eating a cookie, after all.  But it’s a tasty reminder that you don’t need to sacrifice things like cookies just because you’ve gone veg!)  So here’s the top secret chocolate chip cookie recipe…Enjoy! Continue reading