Yogurt is something I’ve wanted to try to make for a very long time.  Had I known just how easy it was I would have been making it since high school (we won’t talk about how long that may or may not be).

When I first went vegan I was already regularly making granola, and eating it atop my store-purchased vegan yogurty goodness.  So, two days ago I borrowed a yogurt maker (I hear you can use a crock pot as well.  However, that takes a good attention span.   …I do not have a good attention span.) and gave it a go.

Some yogurt makers are relatively inexpensive (you can grab one for $20 or so).  If you REALLY like yogurt, I REALLY recommend you make the investment.  Otherwise, look up the other kooky-attention-requiring methods that my ADD prevents me from even thinking about trying.  However, I MAY try to adjust a recipe.  Check back for updates on that one.   My one real complaint about the yogurt maker is that it really only holds 6 cups of liquid.  After Greekifying the yogurt, that ends up being about 2 cups. Continue reading