Yogurt is something I’ve wanted to try to make for a very long time.  Had I known just how easy it was I would have been making it since high school (we won’t talk about how long that may or may not be).

When I first went vegan I was already regularly making granola, and eating it atop my store-purchased vegan yogurty goodness.  So, two days ago I borrowed a yogurt maker (I hear you can use a crock pot as well.  However, that takes a good attention span.   …I do not have a good attention span.) and gave it a go.

Some yogurt makers are relatively inexpensive (you can grab one for $20 or so).  If you REALLY like yogurt, I REALLY recommend you make the investment.  Otherwise, look up the other kooky-attention-requiring methods that my ADD prevents me from even thinking about trying.  However, I MAY try to adjust a recipe.  Check back for updates on that one.   My one real complaint about the yogurt maker is that it really only holds 6 cups of liquid.  After Greekifying the yogurt, that ends up being about 2 cups. Continue reading


Guest Blog: Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies by T.M. Göttl

Back when The Tempeh(st) first went vegan (and long before I even thought about it), I wanted to challenge myself to make something that she could actually eat!

Years before, when my mom ran out of eggs while baking, she looked up egg substitutes, and discovered that bananas make an amazing egg substitute in cookies.  I ended up veganizing the chocolate chip cookie recipe that we’d been using in our house for years, and I learned that vegan baking—and adapting your favorite baked goods—is often easier than you think.  (Note:  Vegan doesn’t always mean health food—you’re still eating a cookie, after all.  But it’s a tasty reminder that you don’t need to sacrifice things like cookies just because you’ve gone veg!)  So here’s the top secret chocolate chip cookie recipe…Enjoy! Continue reading

How to feed a Vegan

So my friend T.M. Göttl (the amazing poet) recently e-mailed me a blog suggestion.

“So, more than once, I’ve had friends ask what to feed me when I’m coming over, etc.  They want to be hospitable, and at the same time, I don’t want to put them out, and usually just tell them not to worry about me.  Whatever they have, I’ll find something to eat, and might snack a bit beforehand to make sure I don’t go hungry.

But is there actually an easy answer when someone asks you this?”

We’ll try. Continue reading

Thinking about going Veg? Letter to a student.

We had senior exit project presentations yesterday.  One student did hers on going vegetarian.  She even mentioned the differences between vegan, lacto-ovo, pescatarian and even macrobiotic!  Excitement!  (Vegan was even the first one… and she said it’s “true vegetarian” mmmm hmmm.)  She’s going to try to say lacto-ovo, so this letter is guided toward that.  Enjoy.

Continue reading