Maple Tempeh



Maybe now some of you who are not familiar with this protein-rich food will make more sense of the fact that I spelled “tempest” incorrectly.  Get it?  Okay.  Cool.

Temeph sounds, like most other fermented things when you try to explain what it is, kind of gross.  It’s soy (or other grains) that has been cultured, much like yogurt.

To be honest, it took me a while to like tempeh.  It has a bitterness that I wasn’t a huge fan of.  However, I’ve found if you use a bit of salt directly on the temeh, it helps a ton.

“Where do I find this tempeh?”, you ask?  They usually have it in the refrigerated section at Kroger (around here), and at any health food store.

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Yogurt is something I’ve wanted to try to make for a very long time.  Had I known just how easy it was I would have been making it since high school (we won’t talk about how long that may or may not be).

When I first went vegan I was already regularly making granola, and eating it atop my store-purchased vegan yogurty goodness.  So, two days ago I borrowed a yogurt maker (I hear you can use a crock pot as well.  However, that takes a good attention span.   …I do not have a good attention span.) and gave it a go.

Some yogurt makers are relatively inexpensive (you can grab one for $20 or so).  If you REALLY like yogurt, I REALLY recommend you make the investment.  Otherwise, look up the other kooky-attention-requiring methods that my ADD prevents me from even thinking about trying.  However, I MAY try to adjust a recipe.  Check back for updates on that one.   My one real complaint about the yogurt maker is that it really only holds 6 cups of liquid.  After Greekifying the yogurt, that ends up being about 2 cups. Continue reading