Scrambled Tofu



Scrambles Tofu is a Vegan breakfast staple.   Excellent eaten alone or even topped with ketchup, maple syrup, horseradish or anything your little heart desires (Okay, so I made up that horseradish bit, but seems like it wouldn’t be bad, no?  Let me know if you try it).  It’s nice to enjoy some egg.less egg.ness on a dreary-type Sunday morning.  Ingredients beyond the spices and tofu are simply suggestions.  Try anything you’d like in your scrambled tofu.  The Carrots add a nice contrasting texture to the tofu that can also be achieved through chopped nuts. Continue reading

Thinking about going Veg? Letter to a student.

We had senior exit project presentations yesterday.  One student did hers on going vegetarian.  She even mentioned the differences between vegan, lacto-ovo, pescatarian and even macrobiotic!  Excitement!  (Vegan was even the first one… and she said it’s “true vegetarian” mmmm hmmm.)  She’s going to try to say lacto-ovo, so this letter is guided toward that.  Enjoy.

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