Whole Wheat Agave Coco Bread


I’m the type of person that really (I mean really) likes knowing what’s in her food.  So a few years ago I started making my own bread.  I’m not going to lie to you here, I’m a huge cheater when it comes to bread-making.  I use a bread machine that my dad bought sometime during my childhood.  This thing is no spring chicken, but it gets the job done!  If only everything in life were so easy.

After reading a book about bread (yes, I am THAT cool) I tweaked a recipe I was already using to the point that it is nearly unrecognizable as the same thing.  I also added coco.  With so much information all over the place about how amazing coco (not the delicious sugar and fat laden chocolate bars everyone is looking for an excuse to eat) is for you, and how it’s a great antioxidant I decided to just add it to something I already eat on a daily basis.  It only adds a subtle flavor, don’t be thinking you’re going to get a brownie for breakfast here.

Every morning I start out with toast with natural peanut butter and jelly.  It’s a great high-protein start to my day!  I also like eating most of my fats earlier, because I’m going to be up and moving all day, rather than later, when it’ll be sitting in my gut all night.  It doesn’t always work that way, but I try.

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Scrambled Tofu



Scrambles Tofu is a Vegan breakfast staple.   Excellent eaten alone or even topped with ketchup, maple syrup, horseradish or anything your little heart desires (Okay, so I made up that horseradish bit, but seems like it wouldn’t be bad, no?  Let me know if you try it).  It’s nice to enjoy some egg.less egg.ness on a dreary-type Sunday morning.  Ingredients beyond the spices and tofu are simply suggestions.  Try anything you’d like in your scrambled tofu.  The Carrots add a nice contrasting texture to the tofu that can also be achieved through chopped nuts. Continue reading