Put-In-Bay vegan: Big Man’s Burrito Stand


Funny that I finally get to this after my last day working on the island for the year.

Sticking with the burrito theme I seem to have going, it’s really only appropriate to feature the dear Mr. Ryan Stoiber’s burrito stand that is keenly hidden behind Frosty non-vegan pizza/bar, in the “The Backyard”.

After using my awesome interrogation techniques I’m confident that this place can feed me.  Denis (from Bulgaria) talked to me for probably 45 minutes toward the beginning of summer about every single ingredient.  I trust him.  Mainly because he kept talking about how, as a Muslim, cross contamination really pisses him off.

After this, he made me a burrito with every ingredient that I could possibly have.  This may not have been the best representation of what a more selective palette may achieve, taste-wise, but who cares?

I lost my ingredient list.

No I didn’t.  I actually threw it away after I moved out of housing.  So by “lost” I really mean “if you can figure Chipotle out, you got this, man.”

So…. Salsas, guac, black beans, rice….. that sort of thing.  They do tacos, nachos, burritos.  I bet they’d throw the ingredients at you, if you asked nicely.  I bet they’d enjoy it more if you didn’t ask so nicely.  I digress.

Have at it kids.


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