Stuffed Shells


Super good! Super easy!  Awesome and way lighter than the non-Vegan alternative!

Shells 1 box

Stuffing (Mix all together so it resembles riccotta):
Tofu 2 10 oz fresh, not silken, mashed (or crumbled with fingers)
Frozen peas, thawed 1 bag
Basil 2T
Sweetener 1T
Lemon Juice 1T

Sauce (mix all together):
Jar sauce
Basil 1T
Garlic 4 cloves
Crushed Red Pepper 1T
Sweetener 1T

Cover bottom of pan with a thin later of sauce to prevent sticking.
Drain shells and either lay out separately or cover with cold water so the shells do not stick to one another.
Stuff shells using a spoon and place in pan.
30 minutes at 350°


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